Seminars can be customized to fit your Specific Needs

 All of these can be coordinated for varying sized groups, challenging calendars and personalized with your organizational data, context and specific issues.  I also can create customized workshops based on anything you see in the "What I Do" or "How I Work" pages on this site.

Budgeting For the Future

Do you struggle with having a budget that works for you? Do you find yourself saying that you can't afford the kinds of resources you know you need for the future?  Let's make your budgeting process WORK for your growth and exponential global impact!

  1. HAVE FUN with the budget!  We move from it being a tedious or daunting task into one with ease and transparency for best organizational growth.
  2. Develop a simple budgeting process that works for your organizational capacity and culture. This includes process for making decisions about spending, data entry, and aligning with the strategic plan.
  3. Identify historical struggles and develop an action plan to interrupt problematic patterns with the new process.
  4. Develop AUDACIOUS revenue streams and plan to budget from abundance!  

Staffing and Human Resources for Results, Sustainability and Equity

Have you been struggling to recruit, develop and retain the right staff for your organization?  Do you notice that patterns of inequities continue to occur? Do you wish you could have a smooth running team that's personally fulfilled, organizationally effective and highly accountable? This workshop will help identify the areas that aren't working, strategize to get in action and get the dream team you want in place and ready to get results!

  1. Analyze the patterns of issues, results and areas of success to fully understand the challenge.
  2. Engage in leadership development to vision for the staffing and HR culture you want.
  3. Identify leadership professional development goals (to ensure change starts at the top) and resources to support.
  4. Create an action plan and timeline for steps to move away from the problems and into the vision.

From Awareness to Action: Moving the Discussion Beyond White Privilege to Anti-Racism Work

Are you a person of color who is frustrated because talk about ending racism isn't yielding results? Are you a white person who experiences guilt, frustration or lack of confidence when the topic of racism comes up?  You are not alone! Join in a series of workshops to learn methods and tools for consistency and effectiveness at interrupting racism that can be useful at a family dinner conversation or to engage systemic issues.

This course will increase your ability to engage in Anti-Racist practices with compassion, courage, strength and knowledge. The seminars will include tools, opportunities for action and community building with other like-minded folks committed to ending racism. We welcome anyone at any stage of their development including newcomers to Anti-Racism mindfulness all the way to veteran activists. 

  1. Assess personal level of Racial Identity Development in different environments (professional, social, family, etc.) in order to identify areas of growth.
  2. Deepen knowledge of the impacts of systemic and inter-personal racism in our community.
  3. Identify personal struggles, obstacles and common blind spots and learn how to use tools of compassion, mindfulness, and active listening to move through them. 
  4. Create a new Mental Model for action in all of your different communities. 
  5. Develop an Action Plan for moving forward (you can opt for cohort support and follow up with facilitator.)

Living “My Most Amazing Life”

Are you tired of being tired?  Are you feeling like you vaguely remember having dreams for your life that you JUST can’t seem to make happen? Do you find yourself saying “I don’t have time” or “there’s no way” or “it’s too late” in response to daring to think about your dreams?  This seminar will help you shed the doubt, have the audacity to imagine you can have it all and then PLAN A LIFE YOU LOVE!

  1. Create audacious goals for your personal, professional, creative, spiritual and/or academic life that have seemed impossible in the past.
  2. Deepen your understanding of reasons, patterns and symptoms of avoidance in living a life you dream of.
  3. Develop a plan and calendar of a balanced series of steps to living your MOST AMAZING LIFE.
  4. Network with supportive community members and create an accountability team for regular check ins upon implementing your new life.