Do you struggle with ongoing frustration about not getting the results from your business or staff that you know is possible? 

We will transform your culture from one that is often reactive in frustration and disappointment to one that is thoughtfully and proactively offering support with accountability.  In a short time, you will see a more productive and happier staff with tremendous growth in the impact from and results of your business!

Are you interested in moving from dialogue to action to create an equitable and highly functional work environment? 

As a facilitator and coach, I can help you to create a culture of honest dialogue about how oppression manifests in the team and organization.  We will make space for critical and ongoing conversations about how implicit bias and the dominant culture plays out in our interactions and organizational practices. Together, we will grow, learn and dismantle our "normed" (and often inadvertent) perpetuation of biases and create conditions for full self expression and interruption of oppression of all forms.

Are you the kind of person that freaks out about organizational budgets and finance? 

Don’t worry,  I can support you in creating vibrant and predictable budgets and systems for a financially healthy organization.  This process brings ease and confidence in moving through the three stages.

Are you tired of all the pieces of your job that don't seem to "fit" with your passion and talent?   

We’ll get clear about what kind of staffing you need (now and throughout your growth process), organize individuals’ responsibilities to focus on their skills and passion and make sure that your organizational needs are covered with an emphasis on sustainability for all!