• At the root of this process, we must stand in our commitment as an organization to be our best selves so we can best serve the world via our mission. 
  • We prioritize visioning, strategic planning and an implementation/accountability process that engages in mindfulness and education about issues of human and global sustainability to ensure that the organizational commitment honors these issues yet does so in a scalable way.  
  • Frequent and public evaluation of leadership and the organization's ethical road map. This evaluation must make space for all stakeholders to be fully self-expressed without fear of retaliation. To that end, the evaluation process ensures that we have a climate that is free of any issues that aren't fair game for open discussion.


  • The answers for powerful growth exist within your team.  We pause and create space for development and implementation of those ideas in ways that incorporate these guiding principles for success!
  • Personal, professional and organizational goals are collaboratively developed with the staff from a place of "Everything is Possible." 
  • Multiple systems of safe and proactive (not reactive) reporting on organizational and leadership successes and challenges are developed as part of this process throughout the year.


  • Accountability and incentive process is fully implemented for all stakeholders as they collectively live the strategic plan.
  • Complete transparency in sharing the results, responsibility in being accountable to areas of development and (much like all staff) a commitment to resolve and improve areas of challenge within an agreed upon time frame.  
  • Leadership must be a model for all staff to engage boldly in a transparent ongoing feedback process that honors multiple perspectives as well as stand in a commitment to honor the audacious mission and goals of the organization. 


  • A sophisticated governance model that values transparency, communication and accountability and redefines hierarchy.  
  • Regularly and publicly engage all stakeholders, clients and peer organizations in the findings of performance evaluation (financial and strategic plan results) to create a transparent process of reporting successes and failures as well as engage in research and development to address areas of deficiency, challenges and non alignment with the organizational mission/commitment.
  • Careful scrutiny of organizational budget to ensure we are “putting our money where our mouth is” or aligning resources with stated goals.


  • All stakeholders inside the organization as well as select clients who are impacted by the organization are regularly engaged to insure their perspectives influence major decisions.
  • We live a shared governance model, accountability process, and strategic/marketing process focused on creating a scalable and replicable model that represents a variety of support systems for all.
  • Inspire a reciprocal process of feedback and support, redefining the traditional hierarchical model and supporting a true collective, shared governance and accountability model.  


  • The practice of non judgment allows for honest and difficult truths to emerge. 
  • We deepen our clarity about the pervasive nature and impact of multiple forms of oppression.
  • The organization builds in resources for all staff to have ongoing support and development (both within and outside of the organization) that aligns with their personal and professional areas of development. 


  • SERIOUSLY, the practice of non judgment allows for honest and difficult truths to emerge. 
  • Engage in ongoing coaching and support in the areas of personal and professional development needs.  This coaching and progress will be a public part of all staff goals and an evaluation of progress will be made available to all stakeholders in the organization (much like their goals/accountability process.)  
  • Staff is fully engaged (especially upper management who hold positional power) in ongoing professional development about (as well as opportunity to authentically dismantle) these oppressions in our personal, professional and organizational experiences with love and compassion for how indoctrinated oppressive belief systems inevitably play themselves out in each of us.
  • Equity focused systems are developed in the areas of HR, finance, and growth planning.